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Pilgrimage is a place of belonging for those of us in search of more. For those waking up to the wonder in all things, celebrating truth and beauty, seeking to live fully here, fully present, fully human.

The traditional idea of a pilgrim is someone who sets out on a long and strenuous journey of devotion, in search of a holy place. By that definition, I think we all have opportunity to live as pilgrims. When we treat every moment as if it’s sacred (however it’s presented) and allow our capacity for true devotion to overwhelm our passivity and comfort, life becomes a journey full of wonder, expectation and hope.

I created this platform because I want to share my journey, through the different ways I express myself, as well as establish a space of collaboration, connection and hopefully, community. We’ll begin small and simple, seeing where it goes and what it might grow into.

I’m an independent artist (which means I have no record label or financial backing) so the monthly monetary commitment (£4.99 per month) is truly the difference between being able to release what I make into the world and not. It’s a pretty wild time to be an artist, what an honour and gift to be backed by the very people you’re creating for.

My commitment in return is to give you my best. You can see below what you’ll receive by becoming a pilgirm.

Check it out, have a think and lets build something beautiful together.

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A Pilgrim’s Process

A reflective letter at the crossing of each week. These emails will feature musings on spiritual living, the creative journey and plenty of other random insights and ramblings!


A Pilgrim’s Playlist

I’m going to share new music and poetry with my fellow pilgrims, every month. This will mean you’ll hear unheard songs, what I’m currently writing and even share in the creative process.


A Pilgrim’s Perks

All Pilgrim’s receive exclusive discounts on new merchandise, tour tickets and anything else I’m up to. You’ll be the first to know!


Pilgrimage Parties

I’ll be organising gatherings through out the year, where we can meet, hang out and eat together! We’ll also be doing these online (over zoom etc) so as many people can gather as possible!