I have always viewed the poet as a voice in the wilderness, the one who stands before society and speaks of something bigger then themselves. I’ve carried that image as a mantle and a mandate. I feel most fulfilled when I use my words to point towards a bigger picture, despite the pain there is a song that is still being sung, a story that isn’t over.

In recent years I’ve had the opportunity to work with change makers, pioneering in different parts of society, reimagining the world around us. I’ve been able to stand on soapboxes and speak about the realities of human suffering whilst bringing awareness to the hands that are buried deep in the soil of despair, planting seeds of change and revolution. From the Samaritans will to listen to anyone, anywhere at anytime - just to tell them they’re not alone... to the Preemptive Love Coalition, who work with families on the front lines of conflict, bringing care and restoration.